© 2019 D.W. Smith


And if the weight

       Of love

Snaps my spine

     I will learn to crawl

  with grace.

Like a snail

      Follow my trail

      See my proof

        Of being

The price of seeing

     Inch by painful inch

To find the hollow shell

     No stories to tell

No lies to live

     No more to give
No day, no way ...

      Just mute decay

     An atom lost

      In outer space

          Call it home.


      Dedicated with much love to James Douglas Morrison, Poet



You can’t have a contract

Without a clause

You can’t be a martyr

Without a cause

You can’t have will

Without desire

You can’t have steel

Unbaptized in fire

You can’t get on

‘Till you see that you’re not

You can’t see yourself

Or what you forgot

You cannot be touched

Unless you can feel

You can’t even live

‘Til you make the Dream real.




Away through space sweet mother spins

     And in her lap the day begins

     For ‘though her seeds are self-aware

 Evolution doesn’t care

What seems to be an endless fight

Is really striving towards a light

     As cells within this body grow

     And find out what it means to know

Confusion makes me curious

     While certainty lies grim

Hidden in the folds of life

     A thread of hope so slim

Only silence can be heard

    While music plays unknown

And love, like Joseph at the inn

     Still hungry for its own.



Love is all we came with

    Love is what remains

And life, illusion’s seductress

    Counts the day’s gains.

I wonder

     If there ever was a picture?

     Were we up too close

Or too far back to see?

     Does a leaf say goodbye to her branches

As she falls

     To the roots

 Of her tree?

     There never really was a ‘me’…

     Never and ‘I’ that could truly see

Only a spirit-like dream in the wind

     Clinging to the chance to be


     For the place to be free

  Of the useless sorrow

 Of no tomorrow

     Where hope is our water

  And laughter our food

     Where the love that we’re made of

  Calls tunes for the mood…

When you’re left with vagabond emotions

     And you can feel the arson in your soul

     And reason only serves to dismay you

The only thing your heart can do is roll


A tumbleweed, blown across a highway

A baby, wondering where her momma went

A seed, still frozen from last winter

 Like an old man


 Worn and spent

There never really was a ‘me’…

     I found that out in time, luckily

 But irony and mystery came through

     The me that I was longing for

     Was you.



No one can steal a moment shared

 The Games of Time cannot erase

The Truth we found, because we cared

 To trust our Love, to take our place;

To Feel, to Be, to Know our needs

 In spite of what may not be found

The Ancient Wound no longer bleeds

 And evidence of Love is Sound

That floats as Music into All

 As All becomes the Well of Love...

Could we but hear the Minstrel’s Call

 Re-Minding us what Life is of.




For every stifled question

          Like a murmur of the Heart

 The distance grows and wonder slows

  One cannot feel a Part.

When Souls begin receding

          And meanings change their mind

 Hope becomes a Legend

  And Life becomes unkind.

Illusion seeks Dominion

 While confusion holds at bay

 The very things we need to live

  The Reason, Dream, and Way.



Eyes at tables, secretly watching

     Drinking bad coffee from styrofoam glasses

Travelers, wanderers, Restroom Philosophers

     Pinpoints of light in the Night

         As it Passes.

Loose threads of time

     The boredom and dangers

Read like novels on faces of strangers

     Wrinkles and scars of ongoing history

     Add to a sense of deepening mystery-

But just when the Climax

      Is almost in sight,

      It fades from view

Like a Bus in the Night.


         What if this dream

Is a memory?

     Relived in Mind

 Outside of Time

  And all that’s real
   Is what we feel…

What difference would it make

       Asleep or Awake?

         Through the towering shafts of sunlight

 Golden Light that once was Blue

         Time rewinds the Game again

 As all that’s old is born anew

Memories are the source of Life.



As I lean over

 The round stone circle

  Drop the bucket

      With even tears of joy

  I would not poison your well

    with salt.

  Strength is also fragile

       Like glass

    Transparent, separative

      Durable, yet, brittle

Beware the stray baseballs of life

  Because some things

We can’t ever really know for sure

                              Or guarantee

      Like a promise

     To always remember...

  Or when we’ll rest

       Laying our tired heads    for a moment

     In the lap of love.



I’ve been takin’ a hard look, lately

    Most of it won’t stand the light of day

    Now I’m runnin’ like a thief in the night

Stealin’ myself away.

I’m lookin’ out for the comforting shadows

     It’s now or never, voices all say

     I never understood which side they were on

 So I’ve been stealin’ myself away.

  I always thought I’d have

        Enough to go around

  I swore I’d make it to the end

  I kept on seachin’

        For higher ground

  But some things break

        Before they bend...

If you see my dreams

     Would you please send them home?

Maybe tomorrow they can come back and play

      I’ve been indicted, must account for the crime

   Of stealin’ myself away.



Friends sit in a circle

Like numbers ‘round a clock

Each one with a Key to turn

In some untested Lock

Unraveling Combinations

And feelings cloaked in awe

Whirl away, eternal Play

We are, Now, what we Saw.

So many pretty reasons

To believe we’re seeing through

The vague, uneasy camouflage

That bore the name of ‘True’.

Up another dizzy flight of

Learning’s Spiral Stair

A thirst to Know in every cell

Then gradually, aware.

Across another Threshold to

The Wonder Full Unknown

Intellect and Introspect

The Measures we have grown.

Left with what will matter now

Deciding how to choose

What we really came to find

And what we have to lose.




Disembodied Spirits

Disenfranchised youth

         Holding out for money

And a vision void of truth

As hollow hearts scream to be touched

         Some feelings must be hid

A cold wind howls and edges nerves

         And then the Razor slid

Ruby drops kiss dreams awake

         The Demon mates in kind

 Lies become the Law of Less

And every eye is Blind.



It was quiet as a graveyard
    In the town of New Orleans

      The River fog was clinging to the street;

Everywhere the air was filled

   With roasting coffee beans

      And shadows danced like phantoms at my feet.

A lonesome tug was moaning

   In the distance I could hear it

      Swelling out its warnings on the wind

I journeyed without purpose

   Like a disembodied Spirit

      Unsure of who I was, or where I’d been.

In splintered, hazy streetlight
   I saw a shadowed form

     And questions madly played inside my head

Perhaps, another pilgrim
   Lost and searching in the storm

     Looking for some friendship and a bed.

I slowly made my way towards

   The Figure waiting there

     And was groping for a way to say hello

But as the words were forming

    I was suddenly aware

     I was speaking with a voice I didn’t know.

We cautiously changed glances

    There was something in the eyes-

     I squinted through the mist so I could see

Beyond our quiet trances

             Imagine my surprise

     When I realized the stranger there was me.





 Afraid to Touch

 Though it means so much

     I looked through the Fence

       Startled to Sense my need

  So Slender a Lead

        In a Maze of Why

        Ablaze in the Sky

     The Yellow Face Smiles

     On all our Trials

       The Living and Dying

        Reaching and Trying

      Watching Life Pass

        The Roaring Sea

        Of Humanity

      Like Blades of Grass

     Growing Towards that Warmest Star

     Drawing Life Again, From so Far…

Wondering Why We Are.



Just a Body,

 Just a Face

 Just a Stranger

In a Stranger Place

   Just a Digit

   Just a Thought

 Just a Bird in the Engine, Caught.

Just a Mirage

 Just a Dream

 Just a Distant, Muffled Scream

Just a Moment,

 Falling Flat

 Just a Memory

Just Like That.



In the crevice of a word

 Like a Song heard in a Dream

The Haunting Hammer of Tomorrow

  Cannot find the Nail.

Too obscure to be absurd

 Too tired to even mask the Scream

The Shaking Stammer felt as Sorrow

  Is of no avail.

From the Visions Seen and Heard

 Far beyond the mortal Scheme

Ghostly Glamour we would borrow

 Coloring the Pale.

Wings away, my lofty Bird

 Shrinks behind, the Watery Gleam

Frantic Footsteps cannot follow

   Past the Beaten Trail.



Sometimes, you know I wonder

     If I’ll ever see the way

     And I’m searching for the hope

 To carry on.

I try so hard to understand

     A world afraid to love

     ‘Cause I know what it means to have a friend

  To dream upon

     And when my spirit wanders

 Something always comes to find me...

       Is it love?

      I can only keep it

 If I give it all away

 And my heart remains the answer

      To a question not yet found

      In the gift that’s all around

       Is it love?

When I feel I’m falling

      Through a tunnel made of time

      And life is just a game

       We have to play

I reach inside to touch the parts

      That stir my soul from sleep

      And the child with magic eyes returns

  To dance another day

      When I’m wrapped up in the moment

  And the mystery is calling

        Is it love?

       I hear the songs around me

   There’s a voice in everything

   And understanding warms me

Like a golden winter’s sun

When I’m part of everyone

  Is it love?



Damn I’m gonna miss you

     I can feel it hurt already

     And I’m trying to hold steady

      ‘Cause the chill just has me shaking

I don’t know what I’m going to do

     And I feel something deflating

For something I’m so fond of

     Must now test my love

     Or fall.

     While everything I long for

      Somehow stares at me in silence

And I barely catch my breath between

      The water and the smiles

      I wish that I could make you feel

               What’s deep between us now

      For everything as yet is not revealed

‘Though we would try.
      I cannot help but notice

          As our moment, fleet before us,

                        Taunts what was untouchable

                         And brings the point back home...

And all our good intentions

     Inventions of convenience

     The shield of our personae

 Cannot hold the threat of timeless Dreams

      At bay.
I’ll find, in some corner

      The cobweb of a memory

       See, in the shadows and light

       The fine line of me...

                   Drawn between an arrangement of souls

                        In an effort to see

     And be free

Regardless of the gravity

     Of any situation

There’s no way to go back now

     To move on, or to change.

      All that’s left to say now

       Is how much I love you so.

                   Emotion cries, the mind lies

     The heart sighs, the soul flies

                   My love…  We can never be through

                                             If every answer is a question




The Waking Dream

The Silent Scream

The Weakened Might

The Visionless Sight

The Questless Search

The Reachless Perch

The Ceaseless End

The Tearing Mend

The Fruitless Yield

The Broken Shield

The Shallow Deeps

The Stolen Keeps

The Countless Few

The Aging New

The Noteless Song

The Rightless Wrong

The Truthless Death

The Endless Breath

The Found, Disposed

The Circle, Closed.



For each day that ends

 Another begins

Memories make up the line in between

One by One

 I’ve been pulling my pins

Setting my course for horizons unseen

With the sun on my face

 And wind in my wings

A song in my heart for all who have cared

I thank you for all the beautiful things

And the moments we loved and shared.

To Rocky Dennis