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Joan and Roland, my parents, for the Ultimate Gift-

                        Giving over part of their Lives

                                So that I could have mine...

                Norma C. Smith, The Eyes of the Poet; what I would not

                         Have seen but for you, my love…

                My Fabulous Friends

                        Without whom the task of Living would have been

                                Much trickier indeed...

                Special thanks to Pamala, whose unflagging effort and

                        Dedication brought it all together

                And the Spirit of Windfeather

                        Whose Song Shows

                                That the Best Student

                                        Becomes the Greatest Teacher...

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Love Crosses Over


Photographs by Norma C. Smith






                                       Contemplation (with thanks to John Richardson and the J. Paul Getty Museum)



                                       Obscured Moon

                                       Monastery Meditation (Brixen, Italy)


Always Beginnings and Never Endings

                                       The  Face of Music
                                       Spirit Door 

Basic Black

                                       Entrance Venezia

                                       Crucifixion (Monastery Neustift, Brixen, Italy)

                                       Secret Alley

                                       Bridge of Sighs


Their For   

                                       The Road to Town

                                       Cathedral and Town (Brixen, Italy)

                                       Aspen Lane (Flagstaff) (For Sharon, who made it fun)


Hindsight, Blindsight, and Insight

                                       Piazza San Marco Afternoon

                                       Little Birds

              Special thanks to Cecil Cole for the amazing Polaroid transfer image! (Back Cover)

The images created in Italy were made possible due to the generosity of the Durst and Leica companies.  Many thanks particularly to Marco Foglietti, Robert Perathoner, Norbert von Aufschnaiter, and Dan Gray for their patience and understanding, and also for enduring the creative process; and Jerome Bannister for making the connections.


I would also like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to Samy Kamienowicz of Samy’s Camera for his years of friendship, support, and for making the Italian adventure possible.

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